Copyright-free music for Streamers and Creators

FlowBGM Records provides 100% copyright-free, royalty-free and DMCA safe music for streamers and content creators — you can freely use our music to monetize your content on Twitch / YouTube without the hassle of signing up or paying for a subscription.

Streaming music on Twitch / YouTube etc

There are three main ways you can legally stream music on Twitch and other live-streaming platforms:

  1. Your own music: This means music that you've created or produced yourself, and own the full rights to
  2. Music provided by streaming platforms: These are rights-cleared music provided by platforms for creators to use, such as Soundtrack by Twitch
  3. Music licensed to you: Music for which you have a direct license to for use — this is what FlowBGM provides for you, completely free

Copyright-free and DMCA safe music

All music featured by FlowBGM is copyright-free and DMCA safe, meaning that you can safely use them in your Twitch streams, YouTube videos and any other content that you create without having to worry about being taken down.

We've grouped our music into two royalty-free playlists for you to use:

You can access a full list of all our royalty-free music here to pick and mix your own playlists if you wish!

Completely free to use

All our music is completely free to use — no strings attached! We make money whenever our songs are streamed through music platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

High quality beats

Unlike many royalty-free music sources out there, we care a lot about what goes into our tunes. We are very selective with our producers and only release beats we would listen to on a daily basis, outside of streaming.

If you or someone you know wants to contribute to our catalogue for the community, please feel free to get in touch with us at!