Upbeat Lofi Hip Hop ☀️

Upbeat music perfect for gaming and streaming on Twitch or YouTube etc.

Copyright-free and DMCA safe.

Mellow Lofi Hip Hop 🌙

Mellow and downbeat chill lofi music to help you focus and get into the flow.

Copyright-free and DMCA safe.


We started FlowBGM Records to bring high-quality copyright-free / DMCA-safe music for streamers, content creators, and everyday people to listen to.

Handpicked for quality

We carefully curate each and every artist and track to bring you the most chill beats for streaming or relaxing to

100% Free to use

We don't charge any subscription or royalty fees for using our music — we make money from music platforms when you stream our songs


All music on FlowBGM is copyright-free and DMCA safe — you can freely use them for streaming or uploading content without worries of takedowns